Butler Veterinary Associates and Emergency Center

Preventive dental cleanings, digital dental radiology, flouride treatments, as well as specialized instructions on prevention of further dental problems are available.

Here at Butler Veterinary Associates we pride ourselves in your pet’s oral health. From the preliminary exam to the dental recheck, we will be with you every step of the way. First and foremost, we will examine your pet’s oral cavity at their yearly exam and provide feedback on when and if your pet is in need of a dental. Your pet’s oral health is as important as your own. In the event your pet will require oral surgery or a pro-active cleaning we’d like you to know the kind of services that are available to you. We provide estimates for general cleaning and extensive oral surgery. All patients are provided a thorough probing and dental radiographs to identify problem areas and lesions that may not be seen on the surface. We practice the newest, safest oral health protocols developed by the American Veterinary Dental Society. Doctors and members of our team travel to conferences to keep up on the latest and greatest procedures, protocols, and skills.

Other than all the services mentioned above, we can assist you on preventative maintenance, repairing traumatic injuries to the mouth, including fracture repairs of the jaw or any tooth. We also focus on fixing any impending dental issues at the time of your pets spay or neuter. Youngsters can have retained baby teeth, overcrowding or non erupted, impacted teeth. Addressing these issues early on can save your pet a lot of pain and your pocket book a lot of money. Allow Butler Veterinary Associates to be hand in hand with you on all of your pet’s oral health and care needs.


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