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Preventive dental cleanings, digital dental radiology, flouride treatments, as well as specialized instructions on prevention of further dental problems are available. The newest edition to our dental program is the use of OraVet®, a once a week dental treatment for at home use (after a dental cleaning). We also offer a special diet, Hills T/D®, which helps fight plague, as well as Greenies®, a dental treat.

Here at Butler Veterinary Associates we pride ourselves in your pet’s oral health. From the preliminary exam to the dental recheck, we will be with you every step of the way. First and foremost, we will examfine your pet’s oral cavity at their yearly exam. It is important to check all of their teeth at least once a year because they can develop gingivitis, painfully fracture their teeth or their teeth can become infected. Your pet’s oral health is as important as your own. In the event your pet will require oral surgery or a pro-active cleaning we’d like you to know the kind of services that are available to you. Your pet will need a baseline blood work screening, which can be done quickly at our in house lab.  We need to ensure that your pet’s body is healthy and there are no organ elevations. Even small abnormalities can be exacerbated by anesthesia. After that, we will present you with a treatment plan for what your pet may need. For your pet’s safety, we will place an intravenous catheter. We also use pain medications for their comfort. We will give your pet pain medication before and after surgery and send them home with some as well. We have a state of the art digital radiology machine which takes pictures of every tooth. These x-rays allow us to see what is going on below the gum line. The majority of the tooth and the problems that go with it, lie below the gum line. Radiology is the only way to get a true picture of what issues could be going on in your pet’s mouth. Afterwards, we probe and document 8 different points on each and every tooth. We can then assess what kind of treatment, if any, that this tooth may need. If any extractions are necessary, we place a “block” to numb the area to ensure your pet will feel no pain when they wake up. We have a high speed drill and a variety of bits to properly and effectively section and extract a tooth. Every site is sutured with dissolvable suture and your pet will be sent home on antibiotics to ward off any threat of infection. Once all the necessary extractions are performed, your pet’s teeth will be ultrasonically scaled and polished to perfection using our different scaler tips and a therapeutic slow speed polisher. If your pet has fractured a tooth, but it is not into the pulp chamber ( “ the nerve,”) we can seal the tooth by using our multi- step composite bonding tools. This consists of treatment involving tooth-colored composites (white or natural-looking materials) to repair chips, cracks and build up the worn-down edges of teeth using the materials listed above and a high intensity curing light. We have a specialized fluoride treatment for dogs and cats that we will apply at the end of the procedure. Your pet will go home with all of their medications, free samples to start the oral health care plan, lots of literature and a detailed dental sheet including pictures of your pets experience during the day. We practice the newest, safest oral health protocols developed by the American Veterinary Dental Society. Doctors and members of our team travel to conferences to keep up on the latest and greatest procedures, protocols, and skills. Other than all the services mentioned above, we can assist you on preventative maintenance, repairing traumatic injuries to the mouth, including fracture repairs of the jaw or any tooth. We also focus on fixing any impending dental issues at the time of your pets spay or neuter. Youngsters can have retained baby teeth, overcrowding or non erupted, impacted teeth. Addressing these issues early on can save your pet a lot of pain and your pocket book a lot of money. Allow Butler Veterinary Associates to be hand in hand with you on all of your pet’s oral health and care needs.

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