Butler Veterinary Associates and Emergency Center

We at Butler Veterinary Associates wish to extend our deepest condolences to those experiencing or anticipating the loss of a beloved pet. We understand that this is a very tough time for the whole family. Please know that we are here for you should you need assistance working through the grieving process.

When an owner and veterinarian decide that a pet is suffering or unlikely to make a recovery, euthanasia offers a way to end a pet’s pain. The decision is difficult for both the owner and the veterinarian, but we should recognize that sometimes this is the kindest thing we can do in the final stage of a pet’s life.

Our euthanasia’s are performed in a beautiful room, which offers a home-like setting.  You are welcome to stay in this room as long as you need.  You are certainly welcome to stay with your pet during the euthanasia. The decision to stay or not stay with a pet is a very personal one. Some owners feel they could comfort their pet in its final moments. Others feel their emotional upset would only upset their pet.  If you choose not to stay with your pet, you can be assured a caring Technician will be comforting your pet in the final moments.  Those who choose not to stay may wish to view the pet’s body after the procedure is complete.

Euthanasia is emotional for veterinarians as well. Sometimes, the veterinarian has known the pet for a long time or has tried very hard to make the animal well again. With this procedure we do offer (at no additional charge) an impression of your pet’s paw print. This keepsake can be taken home with you the same day.

Cremation Services

It is very common for pet owners to have their deceased pets cremated, and you need to decide if you wish to keep your pet’s ashes as a remembrance. If so, we will have your pet done as an individual (or private) cremation, meaning that your pet is cremated alone. This ensures that the remains returned to you are purely those of your pet. The individual cremation comes with an urn.

We also offer a communal cremation where your pet is cremated with other pets. No ashes are returned.

We offer grief counseling at our clinic.  We can arrange a meeting with our counselor at your convenience.

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