Butler Veterinary Associates and Emergency Center


Dr. Keith Harvey

Dr. Harvey founded what is now Butler Veterinary Associates and Emergency Center in 1992. He is a 1985 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and a 1989 graduate of Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. His areas of interest include orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, ultrasound and radiology. Dr Harvey is now partially retired but still is in the office on some days of the week.  His other hobbies are fishing and watching football-Steelers and Nittany Lions, of course.

Dr. Amy Wilson

Dr. Wilson been an associate veterinarian with BVA since 1999. She received her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and her doctor of veterinary medicine degree from University of Missouri-Columbia. She enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine but especially interesting with clients and their furry children. Dr. Wilson lives 45 minutes away in a rural community with her husband, numerous dogs, cats, a bird and some catfish. She is also often found to have a rescue or two waiting to find forever homes.  She spends her spare time enjoying gardening, traveling the world, and exploring the 80 acres her home is located on. 

Dr. Kimberly Berry

Graduated from Purdue University Veterinary College and has been a practicing veterinarian since 1990. She has been an associate veterinarian at BVA since 2002 and recently became part owner of the practice. Dr. Berry lives in a nearby rural community with a variety of different animals. Her interests include pocket pets, dentistry, and surgery. She can also be seen  bird watching at local parks and hiking trails.

Dr. Jennifer Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. She has been an associate veterinarian since 2014 and recently became part owner of BVA. Her interests include Emergency Medicine and surgery, critical care and internal medicine. Dr. Kennedy lives with her husband, two children, and a whole host of animals on her farm.

Dr. Julia Scherer

Completed her veterinary degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 along with a business certification from the Veterinary Business Management Association. She has been an associate veterinarian at BVA since 2018. Her veterinary interests include preventative medicine, surgery, dentist, and behavior. She enjoys running, cooking, gardening, horseback riding, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Kate Allen

Grew up in Clarion,PA. She completed her undergrad studies at Clarion University and then set off for an adventure to complete her studies  when she attended Massey University in New Zealand. She previously worked a practice in central PA and joined our team mid- 2020. She specializes in joint health and end of life care. She resides in Butler with her husband and furry friends.  


Our Relief Doctors

Dr. Fitzgerald 

Dr. Fitzgerald has been a staple for our weekend appointments for many years. She works relief for a lot of the local vets and we are happy to have her on staff.

Dr Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman started working relief for us in late 2020. She is usually working exclusively on Mondays. We are happy to have her helping out.

Dr. Graham

Dr. Graham started working relief for us in 2020. We are happy to have him help with vaccination rooms, workups, and the occasional emergency