Support Staff

Management Team

Kris -Hospital Manager – A Butler native, Kris and her husband have recently returned to the area to be closer to family and friends. Kris accepted the position of office manager in September 2011.  She has 2 children, both recently married. She and her husband, Scott, enjoy spending time with their two cats, Iris and Onyx.

AmberAssistant Manager– did her externship with us at BVA, while attending VTI.  After graduating,  Amber was hired in 2008. Amber was our reception manager then was promoted to Assistant Manager. She shares her home with her husband, daughter, son, 2 dogs, and 6 cats! Amber works hard to keep everything moving smoothly throughout  our busy days at BVA.

 Melissa Assistant Manager graduated from Sanford-Brown Institute in Pittsburgh and joined our team in April 2011. She enjoys all aspects of the hospital, and has wanted to work with animals her entire life. She shares her life with a Doberman/Lab mix named Mya and enjoys learning new things, books, music and movies.

Brandi  -Floor Supervisor- joined our kennel staff in July of 2009 to gain animal experience. She graduated from the Vet Tech Institute 2012. She has worked in all areas of the hospital and most recently has been promoted to Floor Supervisor. She shares her life with 2 dogs, Emma and Sara, and a guinea pig named Hannah.

Amanda O.began her career with BVA June of 2007. She enjoys working in every area of the hospital, but especially in the treatment and surgical areas. She graduated from Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh and is one of our Certified Veterinary Technicians. Amanda was promoted to floor supervisor in July of 2018. 



Linda “LO” joined the BVA team in 2002 after working at the library. The change of pace is welcomed and she really enjoys being a receptionist here – “You get to meet so many people and pets!” She is originally from the Phoenix area and enjoys revisiting that area in her off time. She shares her life with her 2 sons, 2 dear friends and an older spoiled cat.

Channingwas a client before joining our team in March 2009. She enjoys being a receptionist and likes to watch our doctors perform surgery when she has the opportunity. She shares her home with her husband, children and 4 spoiled labs, Kelsey, Morgan, Maya and Hunter.

LorraineOur employee from “Across the Pond” is a native of London, England. As a military wife, she has traveled around the world with her husband. She was a volunteer at the Base Veterinary Clinic in Naples, Italy, and after moving to the States she worked at another local veterinary hospital for 9 years. Lorraine joined our team in April of 2008.  She shares her home with her husband and 2 Bassett Hounds, Owen, other wise known as, “What’s this” and Tillie, known as “Trouble”!

Ashley attended Slippery Rock University for Elementary Education.  She is very interested in educating our clients and helping the patients.  She shares her home with her husband, Matt,  a Dachshund  named Geno and 2 cats, Lemieux and Nala.  Ashley enjoys cheering on the Penguins!

Mariah– decided that she wanted a change in career, so she decided to try Butler Veterinary Associates.  We are so happy that she did!  She enjoys working with our patients.  She has many animals at home also.  Mariah has a horse named Ace, two dogs, Timber and Shania, and a cat named Thor.   



TommasinaOur “New Jersey Girl” came to us back in 1999. She moved here after marrying Jesse, a Butler native. She had previous veterinary experience, as she was also a technician in New Jersey. She shares her life with her husband and a houseful of animals. Tommasina enjoys the client and patient experience of our hospital and can be found assisting the doctor in the exam rooms.

Sarah – While attending Median School of Allied Health Careers, Sarah chose BVA for her externship and never left! She has been with us since September 2003 and enjoys working in all areas of the hospital, she works mostly in our ER department, but also enjoys working in the treatment areas.  She shares her life with her husband, 2 daughters, and 1 son,  as well as 3 birds, 2 lizards , and multiple farm animals. Sarah is a very active member of one of our local humane organizations, Rainbow Animal Refuge.

Amanda –  graduated from Vet Tech Institute in March of 2010.  She was hired at BVA as soon as she completed her internship here. Amanda T is our “ray of sunshine” and we are always grateful for her friendly, bubbly personality and constant cheerfulness.  She shares her life in her new home with her husband Colton, a cat named Lowe and their 2 dogs, Elmer, a Bloodhound, and Jasper, a Beagle.

Kayla –  graduated from Vet Tech Institute in Feb 2011 and joined our team in August 2011. Her favorite area of the hospital to work in is surgery. She has 2 dogs, Tess, an Australian Shepherd, and Emma, a Lab. 

Catrina –  joined BVA as a receptionist. She is now working as a tech.  She previously worked on a horse farm and really enjoys the interaction with clients.  

Melanie- moved to Western PA in April of 2010 from Philadelphia.  Melanie has 4 Italian Greyhounds, 4 cats, 12 turtles, and a boyfriend, Skip! She graduated from Vet Tech Institute in March of 2013.  She says that she was lucky enough to start working at Butler Veterinary Associates after graduation. We are lucky to have her! Go Eagles!

Jessie-went to Penn State and studied Animal Bioscience. She comes to us from Moon Veterinary Hospital.  At home, she has two dogs named Sadie and Indy, one horse, Rio, and two ponies Sassie and Blaze!  She enjoys working in the treatment area of our hospital.  

Amber Kgraduated from Vet Tech Institute.  She joined Butler Veterinary in June, 2014.  She enjoys working with the clients and their pets.  Amber has 2 dogs, Benny and Dakota Rain.  She is looking forward to working more emergency shifts and she always enjoys learning new things!

Victoriagraduated from Vet Tech Institute in 2013.  Victoria did her externship at the Western PA Humane Society in Pittsburgh. She has a 4 year old red brindle American Staffordshire Terrier named Sarge. Victoria is starting to really enjoy working on the emergency shift.  She hopes to start to work in our surgery department soon.  Vicoria’s sister was a client of BVA and suggested she put in her application.  We are thrilled that she did!

 Rachel- ever since she was little Rachel wanted to work with animals. She loves working in the kennel and she looks forward to training in other areas in the hospital. Rachel has started training as a room tech and is learning a lot about patient care. Rachel has officially become a technician and we couldn’t be prouder of her!

Melaniewas one of our 3 externs this fall.  She is also a recent graduate of VTI. Melanie is working in our exam rooms and in our reception area.  At home, Melanie has a cat named, Amora.  We are glad to have Melanie as part of our team.

Dara- According to Dara, “Nothing makes me happier than 4 legged creatures besides my kids!” We are so happy to have Dara as a part of our team.  She has worked in the Veterinary field for over 10 years.  Before starting with BVA, she worked at a small zoo in eastern PA.  She has a English Mastiff, 4 cats, 1 rat, and 2 ducks.  

Jeanette-has been working in the Veterinary field for 16 years! She is the mother of one and she enjoys spending time with her 2 dogs, 5 cats, and one bearded dragon. She enjoys working in rooms meeting all of the clients and their beloved pets.  Jeanette is looking forward to learning more areas of our hospital.  We are looking forward to it also!

Kristen-is a graduate of Veterinary Technical Institute. She loves working in exam rooms and helping pets be healthy and happy! Kristen has Neapolitan Mastiff/Rottweiler/Cane Corso Mix dog named Harley. In Kristen’s spare time, she loves to hike with Harley.

Veronica- is one of three externs from Veterinary Technical Institute in Pittsburgh that we had working with us this past Winter.  She has 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a bird.  Veronica enjoys working in our emergency and treatment areas of the hospital. 

Jesse-also was also an extern with us.  She heard that Butler Veterinary Associates and Emergency Center was a great place for an externship. We think we are too! Jesse has 2 Basset Hounds, 1 Dachshund, 1 Shih Tzu. She is also looking forward to working in our emergency and treatment areas. 

Jesteen- is our third extern from this past Winter! After doing her externship at BVA, she decided that this was the place that she wanted to work.  Jesteen is looking forward to working in in exam rooms and in our emergency department.  She has 2 dogs, Marlee and Brady, a very cranky cat named Skidders and a Hamster named Reggie.  We are so happy to have these 3 new employees working at  our clinic!

Cindy-is attending VTI and is working with us a few days a week to get some experience.  She will graduate in June of 2020. She previously worked on an Alpaca farm and she fell in love with the Alpacas.  She has one dog named Rascal and five cats! We look forward to working with Cindy now and after graduation.


Kennel Staff


 Lindsaygraduated from Butler High School and she is attending the University of Pittsburgh. Lindsay is studying Biology/Pre- Veterinary Medicine. She starting working in the kennel for the summer. Lindsey would like to train to become a tech.  She hopes to become a large animal Veterinarian.   Lindsey has a Jack Russel named Trixie.  According  to Lindsay, Trixie loves to go on car rides and jet ski rides!!

Toni-attends Butler Senior High School. Toni has been bringing her pets to Butler Veterinary for many years.  She had 3 wonderful dogs and a Betta Fish. Toni is interested in learning more about being a technician or a Veterinarian!

Katelyn-also attends Butler Senior High School! We are lucky to have such ambitious students working in our kennel. Katelynn has 2 dogs, Max and Cooper, and 6 cats!

Taylor- is a Senior at Butler High School.  She will be working with us  part time in our busy kennel.  We are happy that she decided to join us.  Go Tornadoes!!



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